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The bump in my placemat – One of life’s real little cruelties

There is a bump in the plastic placemat under my keyboard. It’s there because I  put a very hot plate on it once, and the heat from that plate deformed the placemat a little. And so now there is a bump in the placemat. I find myself trying to straighten the mat with my hands all the time. I’ll be spreading one hand out on it as wide as I can, but it’s only moving the bump to the left or right. I’ll get a little frustrated because it’s not working, so I try again with both hands. And I will actually find the bottom of the placemat flat. So I keep my hands there as I look up at my computer screen, and on the way up my eyes catch a glimpse of a bump on the side of the mat! Meanwhile I’m out of hands and I can’t put my head on that bump because  my forehead can’t reach there, so I am sitting here with both hands holding the bottom of my placemat straight, looking at the bump in my placemat , which is successfully escaping to the side and living strong there, for as long as I keep my hands where they are.  Then I get a message on Facebook from a friend and I have to lift my hands to type something back to that friend and the bump moves right back to its comfortable place at the bottom of the placemat, and together with the table the bump actually forms a big ol’ smile. Bump wins…for now!


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