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Magical dragonflies

I see magical dragonflies
In the smokey puffs of cloud
Illuminated by evening reds and blues

Hues of grey, black
Dancing twirls
They spread out in the sky
Dragontails bewitch my eyes
Show me the winds of faraway

I feel like swimming in between
These puffs of cloud
Swimming after the winds of faraway


Elegy for my mother – a poem and a memory

My mother died of cancer five and a half years ago. Losing her has shaped my life in such an important way, both negative and positive. So much has happened since then and all those events have changed me so much, many of those changes still have  a long way to work themselves out, but they are there. And so in a blog titled Guidoland, I cannot omit my mother and how I miss her. My mother was a catholic, though no more devout then my dog, she got buried in the roman catholic cemetery of the village I grew up in.  In her remembrance and for the funeral I wrote her a poem.

( Original Dutch version, english translation follows below)

My mother Annelies Vermeulen-Mulder

My mother Annelies Vermeulen-Mulder born 29-10-1952 in The Hague and died 22-09-2005 in Made.

Niet loslaten
nooit loslaten
met beide handen vastpakken
voor altijd

Geven, nemen, geven, nemen,
geven, nemen, nemen, nemen
want het is mama
en bij haar mag dat

Niet gaan
nooit gaan
Ik wil nog eens onder je veren schieten
schuilen voor de grote boze wereld

Een traan, twee tranen,
Voor ik het weet verdrink ik
in verdriet.

Dus ik laat niet los
zal nooit loslaten
met beide handen vastpakken
voor altijd.

(English translation)

Don’t let go
Never let go
Grab hold with both hands
Hold on

Give, take, give, take,
Give, take, take, take
Because it’s mama
And you can do that with her

Don’t go
Never go
I want to hide under your skirts one more time
Hide from the big bad world.

One tear, two tears
Before you know it  I will drown
In sorrow

So I will not let go
I will never let go
Grab hold with both hands
Hold on

Mama, I miss you.

I wish to fly-in dreams and real life

I wish to fly.
In my dreams and beyond I wish to fly!
Feel the air glide past my body
Rise above the clouds
I wish to fly!

Reality hurts,
Dogs howl,
Children scream,
Houses burn,
And fathers yearn
For better days,
No more pain,
A new night,
And a new dawn,
A new life.

I wish to fly,
To the moon and beyond..

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